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My wife and have worked with Michael on several transactions over the past four years, including purchases and a sale of both single and multi-family residences, and have always been very satisfied. Most recently, in December 2016, we purchased a bank-owned 1920 farmhouse out of foreclosure. The process of dealing with the bank owner's representatives was much more involved than is typical of a residential purchase, but Michael did an outstanding job getting us to closing. He put in extra effort with the seller's agent, the bank's consultant, calling town officials for land use/development information, helping us with recommendations on inspectors/contractors, and more. Michael is always very responsive, and he goes out of his way to make sure he's doing everything he can to move a deal forward in our favor. We usually ask him for his recommendation on how to proceed in certain situations such as offer price, sale price, contract terms, whether or not to have certain inspections or surveys, etc., and his recommendations always prove very valuable. We wouldn't choose to go with anyone else; we highly recommend Michael Fields to anyone looking for a very experienced, skilled, consummate professional to help you purchase or sell a property. Thanks, Michael!


Will and Stefanie Jackson

Michael Fields did an outstanding job in helping me to sell my home.  I engaged him with high expectations, since I had checked several of his references and knew that he had happy customers.  He managed to exceed my expectations with his impeccable professionalism, deep knowledge of the current market and probable buyer behavior, timely and thorough communication, and his abiding cheerful nature and sense of humor. Most importantly, he helped me market and sell my house much more quickly than I anticipated.  I had a few sleepless nights when I discovered that there were no permits on record for some renovation work done a decade before – a show-stopper for our potential buyers.  Michael doggedly worked with county inspectors and contractors until the permit issue was resolved.  The closing was completed on time and the house was sold.  I highly recommend Michael to anyone considering selling a home.   


Tracy Schreiber

2805 Combe Hill Trail (formerly)

Raleigh NC


Tracy Schreiber

Six years ago, Michael Fields helped us buy our first home. So a few months ago, when we were thinking about buying a bigger house for our growing family, we called Michael.


Michael gave us excellent advice about selling our home. We spent some money—but not too much—fixing things around the house. When it was time to list it, Michael moved quickly and we were under contract within 48 hours at a great price!


Buying our new home was more difficult and we couldn’t have done it without Michael. Once we found the perfect house, we were faced with multiple buyers and multiple offers and a challenging seller—selling the home for sale by owner without a broker. But Michael worked the phones day and night. He had to try several strategies to get us the house. And ultimately, he developed a great relationship with the seller, which we know made a huge difference in our favor. Michael went above and beyond, and we are so thankful for that.


From beginning to end, Michael guided us through every step of the process. We could trust Michael to be our eyes and ears and to give us the best advice possible. His open communication gave us the information we needed to make confident and sometimes difficult decisions. And beyond that Michael was a friendly face around our house and a pleasure to work with. We made a great team and we would recommend Michael Fields to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area!


The Guillory Family


Justin and Jaclyn Guillory

Hey Michael,


I wanted to take a minute and write something that you can use on your website if you wish.

  This is the second time my wife and I have worked with Michael Fields to purchase a home, and the experience was a great success, as expected. He was professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he cares about the issues that matter to us, as if he was the one purchasing a home. When we had questions, he was right on it. He gets the job done right! My wife and I are both really glad we found Michael, and plan on working with him for as long as he's in the business.  




Thanks again Michael- We'll talk soon.

Will and Stefanie Jackson

I met Michael Fields in 1995 when I phoned regarding a home that I’d seen in a local real estate publication.   I had no intention of buying that home….but wanted to see it purely out of curiosity.  He met me and a friend and was very patient as we walked through the property.  At the end of the showing I confessed that the home was way out of my price range and that I’d selfishly scheduled his time out of my curiosity.  He was very kind and said he was glad to meet me.  As we left the property, he handed me his business card.

In early 1996 when I was considering selling my townhome and purchasing a home with my fiancé, I found Michael’s card and phoned.  He helped us locate a new home, sell my townhome, and was there as support through the whole buying, building and selling process.

Over the years I have recommended Michael to many friends and colleagues.  He has always been very positive and professional in helping others satisfy their real estate needs. 

My most recent engagement with Michael was in the search for a new townhome in the Brier Creek area.  Again, Michael was a tremendous asset and friend as I searched and negotiated the price on my home.  He was also there to suggest financing options, keep the builder on track, and oversee the final inspection of the home…..  

I will continue to contact Michael when purchasing or selling.  I will also continue to refer him to friends and would be delighted to speak with any of his potential new clients.


Bobbie Schatz

Bobbie Schatz

My journey to home ownership came about in the most unexpected way. Owning a home had crossed my mind plenty of times, but I'd decided that for the time being, I'd be more comfortable renting. As I was driving through a number of neighborhoods looking for my perfect rental home, I came across a townhouse that I believed would be the perfect fit for my roommate and I. Being the planner that I am, I not only took down the number for the rental that I was interested in, but I also drove around the neighborhood to jot down every contact person that I could find "just in case" the rental deal fell through. After viewing the property and getting my hopes up, I found out that the place that I wanted had already been leased for the year. So I immediately started sifting through my list of contacts and the first name I came across was Michael Fields. I wasted no time and called him as soon as I'd gotten off work to discuss what my options were because my heart was set on finding a comparable rental property. To my surprise, Michael informed me that he was in the business of buying and selling and wasn't a rental agent. However, instead of merely apologizing and leaving me to scramble, he offered his assistance by providing me with the contact information of rental agents that he knew in the Raleigh area. This was the first instance that I really got a glimpse of Mr. Field's character because it struck a chord with me that he would be so available and willing to help me for absolutely no benefit to himself, monetarily or otherwise. After speaking with him, I called my parents and told them that I'd lost my chance at my "dream" rental property, but that I'd spoken to Mr. Fields and  had an overall positive first impression of him, not only as a businessman, but as a person. About half way through the conversation my parents said, " If you had a positive first impression of Mr. Fields and you'd like to work with him, why don't you just look to purchase a home instead of renting?". My mind went blank because I'd already decided that I would rent for at least a year and then make the leap to home ownership, but the more I thought about it, the less sense it made to do that. Why throw money down the drain when I can invest it and have a home to truly call my own. With that, I made the decision to continue the search for my  dream property, but that I'd do it with the assistance of Michael Fields and I with all intentions of becoming a first time home buyer.

Mr. Fields was more than happy to assist me and went above and beyond throughout the entire home buying process. He not only worked well with me by taking into account my vision for the perfect home, but he also didn't mind working alongside my parents who were involved with me throughout the entire process. He was very attentive, and communicated with me regularly to make sure any questions or concerns I had were addressed, and he played a huge role in making sure my experience in finding, and purchasing my first home went as smoothly as possible. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Fields for participating in this process with me and I would highly recommend him to anyone else who is looking

Angela Watson

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